About the community (Pre-season)

Are you looking for a community of people in the pursuit of continual mind renewal towards Hope and Joy? Then Hope Arena is just for you!  

Hope Arena is a vibrant online community created to bring you radical hope connections, outrageous joy encounters, and unlimited beliefs upgrade opportunities as you connect with other igniters through this 24/7 online community.

The Hope Arena provides you with a community where you can find connections, be encouraged, share experiences, revelations, and receive breakthroughs on a regular basis.  Share your latest encounters in the community or receive encouragement from community members. 

You'll get access to live weekly calls with dedicated "coaches", guest speakers, beliefs trainers and pastors. 

Hope Arena is here to bring back the fun & connection in community!

(soft launches on 1st June 2023)

What you get

  • Weekly zoom calls with the team
  • Deeper connections
  • Hope and belief upgrades

What's included

(Pre-season Package)

  • Weekly Live team calls

    A weekly live call where all the action happens. (If you can't make it live, there is a weekly highlight package of the essentials of the call + access to the recorded call)

  • 24/7 Community

    Community space to engage, learn and grow with each other and the team. You can engage through the app, or through the website.

  • Guest speakers

    Guest speakers sharing wisdom, strategy, and breakthrough