Live awakened to your destiny

8-week course with Wendy Backlund

Build a strong foundation and create a launching pad to living in the abundance and victory of your new identity in Christ.

What you'll learn

Walk away with these keys

  • Believing differently, not trying harder, is the key to change

  • You cannot do what you don't believe you are

  • Rather than learning how to die, it is time to learn how to live

  • You can only receive what you think you are worth

Class starts in...

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  • Does this course come with the book Living from the Unseen?

    You will receive the e-book to download for free. If you prefer a paper copy, please order it here.

  • I took this class last year through email. Should I take it again?

    Definitely! This time around, we have improved the course with new content, encounters, and live Q&A sessions with Wendy. Plus, all of the content will be accessible through our Academy platform (bye-bye, email fusses).

  • How much time should I set aside for this?

    This 8-week course will take about 2-3 hours a week.

  • What is the curriculum like?

    In this course, you'll learn through exclusive video teachings, podcasts, encounter times, readings (2-3 chapters a week), and declarations.

    You'll also be able to bring your questions & interact with Wendy in bi-weekly Q&A sessions on Zoom.

  • When are the live Q&A sessions?

    To accommodate our global Igniting Hope family, we will host the biweekly Q&A sessions on Fridays @ 11am and 4pm PST.

    If you can't make it, don't worry; these sessions will be recorded & posted for you to watch at your convenience.

  • When can I take this course?

    This course will start on May 3, 2021.

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