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Meet Our Instructors

Steve Backlund is an encourager, leader developer, joy activist, and a revivalist teacher. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches, leaders, and organizations into catalytic levels of hope. He has a unique anointing to release hope and joy paired with a revelatory teaching gift that creates new wineskins for greater dimensions of God (both personally and corporately).

Steve Backlund

Igniting Hope Co-Director

Meet Our Instructors

Wendy Backlund is a revelatory author and speaker who lives with her husband, Steve, in California. Wendy has a passion for setting Christians free from their past, and empowering them to walk in the fullness of their spirit identity in Christ. She is the author of Living from the Unseen, Victorious Emotions, and more. Wendy has a fervent dream to release hope and revelation of the renewed mind, leading the Body of Christ into life-changing encounters with God.

Wendy Backlund

Igniting Hope Co-Director

Meet Our Instructors

Yvette van Zyl is a revivalist prophetic preacher, who is passionate about mind renewal and releasing hope. She works for Igniting Hope Ministries where she oversees the Beliefs Training department. Yvette was born in South Africa and lives in Redding, CA with her husband and two girls. Bringing heaven to earth through the supernatural and having the mind of Christ by changing the way you think are powerful tools she loves to partner with.

Yvette van Zyl

Beliefs Trainer Director

What students are saying

“I can’t express enough in words how powerful this course was and how I so enjoyed it... a life changing course!

There are many times I wished I had this teaching 30 years ago but thankful I have it now and believing and declaring the greatest purpose of my life is still ahead of me.”

–Cindy L.

Victorious Emotions

“What I have been receiving weekly for 5 months has impacted my spheres of influence - I receive consistent comments from my leaders about my encouragement, have received leadership roles in these past few months, and have expanded in my hope for my own business and ministry. That is great news! I am so excited about what is coming. ”

–Martina D.

Transformational Mind Renewal Course

“In these twelve weeks, I have gone from starting a class based on hearing an audible word to being offered a pastoral role in an online ministry! I would likely have shied away from had I not stepped into this course. I am growing at an exponential rate. I have held leadership roles in the secular world for many years, I felt both called and comfortable as a leader, yet I had not previously even contemplated ministry or a leadership role in the church.”


Thriving Church Leadership

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