Rewire your brain.

Transfigure your thought life.

Make happy your default.

Create a stronghold of joy

Learn how to live with victorious emotions. Receive practical strategies in weekly video teachings, podcasts, live group Zoom sessions, and guided journaling.

Train your mind to work for you
& not against you

The journey begins 01/04/2021


  • Will this course be available again?

    While this course will be available year round, only this first time (starting 1/4/2021) will be LIVE, meaning you'll have exclusive access to live Zoom sessions with Wendy.

  • Who should take this course?

    This course is designed for all believers interested in building frameworks for healthy emotions – young and old, men and women alike.

  • I have read the book already. Should I still take this course?

    Yes! This course will greatly enhance the message and experience gained from reading the book. We have added new material from Wendy, live interaction, podcast interviews, and a daily structure to walk you through Wendy's 5 steps to creating a framework for victorious emotions.

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