Increase Your Spirit Awareness

Join Wendy Backlund for her 28-day online devotional. We are dedicating the month of November to increasing our awareness of our own spirits, communing deeper with God, and living more from our true authority and identity as new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17, John 3:6).
“You are a new creature, born of the Spirit. As you increase your awareness of your spirit and allow it to have a voice, you will learn what walking in the Spirit can truly look like.” – Wendy Backlund

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Keys to lasting transformation:

Be lead into greater spirit awareness through these

  • Spirit Identity

  • Renewing the Mind

  • Body and Self Talk

  • Soul and Emotions


For 28 days

  • Daily devotional

  • Bible verse to meditate on

  • Revelation from Wendy on living from your spirit

  • Journal and activation prompt

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We have 2 levels of participation.

  • Feasting On the Spirit

    Daily online devotional

    Bible verse to meditate on

    Revelation from Wendy on living from your spirit

    Journal & Activation prompt


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  • Feasting On the Spirit - Level 2 Package

    All of the Level 1 Package

    Printable PDF of daily devotionals

    Living From the Unseen curriculum (4 audio sessions)

    Encounter by Wendy Backlund (1 audio session)

    Abounding in Hope & Joy curriculum by Steve & Wendy Backlund (1 audio session)

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Instructor Bio:

Wendy Backlund is a revelatory author and speaker who lives with her husband, Steve, in California. Wendy has a passion for setting Christians free from their past, and empowering them to walk in the fullness of their spirit identity in Christ. She is the author of Living from the Unseen, Victorious Emotions, and more. Wendy has a fervent dream to release hope and revelation of the renewed mind, leading the Body of Christ into life-changing encounters with God.

Wendy Backlund

Igniting Hope Co-Director


“This week I felt a shift in my spirit. For the first time, I understood the truth that I am a spirit and that I can command my soul and flesh to submit to my spirit and God’s Spirit within me. On a regular basis, I get terrible headaches that can last up to three days. Today, however, I reminded my body that it needed to submit to Holy Spirit who permeates my every cell and the headache lifted. I already feel free and I know this is just the beginning.”

Wendy F

“During the activation of the first day, I was able to see myself in the spirit. I was with the Lord and observing myself. It was so wild. Throughout the week, things that would normally trip me up didn’t have the same effect. I would “see” myself with the Lord, and He would communicate truth to me to stand on. I was more my self than I have ever been there! ”

Amy H

“I did the ‘Feasting on the Spirit’ last year but there’s still so much for me to ruminate on! On a normal basis, my soul is full of anxiety, but the revelation that came from your email has allowed me to see that I can trust the Spirit and that my soul can come in line with what the Spirit is saying. Thank you! This is so liberating! ”