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Psalm 34:3 does not say, “O magnify the problem with me;” it says, “O magnify the Lord with me.”

Are you ready to break out of patterns of negativity and self-limiting beliefs?

Can you imagine what would happen if you invested 40 days focusing on thankfulness, God's promises, and the finished work of the cross?

We can't wait to get started!

Beginning March 2nd, we spend 40 days fasting negativity and feasting on biblical positivity.

Not only will this experience help you increase your personal victory, but it will propel you to be a needed voice of hope and positivity in a time of societal uncertainty and challenge.

Join us for this powerful 40 days and receive a daily email with encouragement and inspiration. Let's magnify the Lord together in this way. Will you join us?

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  • Level 1

    - Daily devotional email from Steve with a Scripture verse and short message

    - Daily lie to fast and truth to feast

    - Activation prompt to ignite each daily truth

  • Level 2

    All of Level 1 PLUS:

    - The daily email in audio form (Steve will read the daily message and share additional revelations on that day's teaching)

    - Steve's "5 Keys for Breakthrough" video: steps for identifying lies and establishing truths long-term in your life

    - PDF of Steve and Wendy's book Igniting Faith in 40 Days (the book that inspired the Fast and Feast!)

    - Audio declarations from Steve and Wendy

    - The recording of our online Abounding Hope and Joy conference from 2021

  • Level 3

    All of Levels 1 and 2 PLUS:

    - 3 personal online Beliefs Training sessions with one of our certified trainers

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  • NFPF Add-On: Live Zoom with Wendy Backlund

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  • NFPF Add-On: Crucial Moments Book


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  • NFPF Add-On: Live Zoom with Connie Jones

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Steve Backlund

Instructor Bio:

Steve Backlund is an encourager, leader developer, joy activist, and a revivalist teacher. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches, leaders, and organizations into catalytic levels of hope. He has a unique anointing to release hope and joy paired with a revelatory teaching gift that creates new wineskins for greater dimensions of God (both personally and corporately).

Steve Backlund

Igniting Hope Co-Director