Learn how to

Receive fresh vision, encouragement, and inspiration to thrive as a leader

  • Activate a hope perspective in your leadership

  • Become a naturally supernatural leader

  • Develop a victorious, joyful mindset

  • Build strong relationships with your staff

  • Find strategies for finances

  • Lead your church into revival


Gain life-changing wisdom and impartation

Steve Backlund shares valuable insights from his 17 years as a senior pastor, and mentoring church leaders around the world.

He will take you through the fundamentals of thriving in: beliefs, relationships, church structure, and the supernatural.

On-demand video & audio teachings

Readings from the Bible & the book Help! I'm a Pastor

Activations in journaling & declarations

Help I'm a Pastor Book

“Steve’s ministry has changed my personal and ministry life. He has created a very practical approach to a joy filled and victorious Christian life. Many people teach and write, but few actually change the way we live! This will change your personal, ministry and organizational life by the simple exposing of lies and releasing the Kingdom over them.”

“Steve Backlund is known for his wisdom and practical insights on “how to do life.” The students in our ministry school, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, love him because he always leaves them encouraged and refreshed in their vision. He has an unusual gift to take the mundane and make it exciting and to take the familiar and make it new.”


  • Who is this for?

    This course is designed for anyone in ministry. Whether you're a senior pastor or emerging church leader, everyone will benefit from learning how to lead in health.

  • What is the time commitment?

    Investing 2-3 hours a week will set you up to finish in 12 weeks.

  • When can I take this class?

    This version of the course is available any time! We only run our live version in the spring.

  • I heard there are guest appearances.

    You heard right! We have pulled in key leaders to pour into this course as well. You'll hear from:

    - Michael Brodeur, founder of Pastor's Coach
    - Connie and Aaron Jones, pastors & Igniting Hope staff
    - Wendy Backlund, pastor's wife and co-pastor
    - Jim Baker, pastor and co-author of Help I'm a Pastor
    - Peter Young, pastor of a thriving church

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“In these twelve weeks, I have gone from starting a class based on hearing an audible word to being offered a pastoral role in an online ministry! I would likely have shied away from had I not stepped into this course. I am growing at an exponential rate. I have held leadership roles in the secular world for many years, I felt both called and comfortable as a leader, yet I had not previously even contemplated ministry or a leadership role in the church”

“During this course I have learnt, to an even greater level, how to honor my own leaders. I have found it very challenging in the past. However, I have decided to choose high beliefs about my leaders and I pray blessings, wisdom and protection upon them everyday. Keeping high beliefs about our leaders has been a real turning point in my life. This has been another key in my journey to healing and wholeness. I feel excited about what is to come.”

“This course has has helped me to identify the lies I was believing in various areas of my life and helped me to thrive in those areas. I always thought I am not a people person and would avoid interaction and just focus getting things done. I am now out of it and now more intentional with people.”